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**not intended to offend people with this disability...just for kicks and giggles**

PostSubject: FORUM RULES   February 9th 2010, 3:25 am

1. Please feel free to enjoy the site! All I ask is that you please abide by these few simple rules.

2. I have no problem what time you visit the site as it is open 24/7, just remember it is a monitored site! We have several great Moderators as well as me, and the site Administrative Assistant. Also we have several Members who treat this site like it is home and don’t stand for any type of ruckus whatsoever.

3. We, meaning myself, the Moderators, the Admin Assistant as well as several members are here to aid you in your experience on Cstyles. Please treat all with respect.

4. Please keep your language at a low roar. By this I mean, I don’t mind cursing, I do however mind words that may be offensive to any race, religion or style of life. Let’s be courteous to everyone that is on this site. I also don’t tolerate the curse word Godd**n. I have my personal reasons for disliking this word and I ask that you respect that. Also there is no need to use the 'F' word.

5. Cstyles has a reputation rating for each of its members; please don’t abuse the ‘negative’ mark. I am in the process of having the negative mark removed as I don’t feel it is neither needed nor necessary.

6. If you make an avatar, which is very much allowed, make sure there is no full frontal nudity in said avatar. This means, no frontal views that depict female/male genitals or female breast, nipples to be exact.

7. If you would like to host a contest, please notify myself or the Administrative Assistant or the Global Moderator. All contest approval has to be given by the Administrator. If contest is approved for hosting, then we will verify the time frame and anything you need my assistance on.

8. Since Cstyles has become a Members participation only forum, please still respect our guests that visit the site as well as fellow members. Cstyles has to resort to the membership only rule, with email verification due to recent attacks on the site. If Cstyles is attacked, we do have the capability to track your IP address, ISP and your personal email. With this being said, basically we can track you. Not an ‘if’ but when you are found, you will be reported to the police, your web site provider and if you are underage your parent or guardian. We do not take such violence on this site whatsoever and we will not take lightly any type of attack.

9. If you decide you want to do damage to this site in any way, you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law! I will also post full front page your information as well as the crime you have committed. I will also pass this information along to every site possible including Facebook and MySpace!

10. With all of this being said, I hope you enjoy your stay on Cstyles and hope you remain a long and faithful member. If you have any problems with the site, fellow members or staff, please don’t hesitate to contact me via personal message.

11. Please respect other members and do not hijack their post. Warnings will be issued if you continue to overlook this rule and a possible ban may follow if you continue to break this rule. Also, if any thread is hijacked, it's possible that your postings may be moved to a more appropriate section of Cstyles or deleted.


1. Most of the rules for members apply to you as well. Please respect them.

2. If at any time you would like to join Cstyles you are more than welcome!

3. If any guest is unruly, breaking rules or trying to cause harm to Cstyles, we can track you as easily as we can our registered members. The same action will be applied to you as is applied to a disruptive member.

4. If you experience any problems don’t hesitate to contact me or the Administrative Assistant or Global Moderator.

5. Guest can read the forum and can also download custom content, but participation is not possible. If you wish to participate on the forum you must first register. Guest however have a thread that host many games and they are allowed to use the chat box, 'The Arena' .*located at the bottom of the forum* at any time! Smile Rules still apply there as well and you can be located if you violate the chat box.

6. If you register, then your application for membership will have to be approved. Membership is NO longer instantly.

Applicants for Membership to Cstyles

1. You are more than welcome to join Cstyles at any given time. We do have some new rules and guidelines.

2. You can apply for membership but all memberships must be approved before you are accepted.

3. You will have to submit a valid email address before you are accepted as a member. Please allow adequate time for a response to your application. It could be minutes, but it could also be anywhere from 24-48 hours depending on the time submitted. (time zone)
Please be patient as we will get to your application as soon as possible. If you submitted a application and have not received an answer in 48 hours, please pm me and I will look into it as soon as possible. If you have a past history of disruptive behavior on other websites, you will be followed closely and little to no leniency will be given if you start to act out on Cstyles.

Cstyles has the right to deny anyone approval of membership. If you feel you were denied unfairly, don't hesitate to contact myself, the Administrative Assistant or Global Moderator and we will look into it and get back to you as soon as possible.

4. I ask that you read all of the rules and the information that will accompany the welcome letter once accepted.

Sincerely and with kindest regards and Welcome!


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