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 I can't see my friends...

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PostSubject: I can't see my friends...   April 12th 2012, 9:48 pm

I suddenly realized something. Once upon a time we didn't have phones, we only had letters. So when we wanted to visit a friend, we'd just rock up at their house. No invitation. There was no way for them to invite us. Unless of course by letter or telegram, but that would just be retarded. So only since the invention of the telephone has rocking up uninvited been rude (in the case of friends etc). I remember when I was a kid I'd go around the street and knock on doors and ask if 'Jess' or 'Hannah' or whoever could come out and play, that was nearly every day. Nowadays if you go to someone's house without calling first and ask if they wanna play (metaphorically speaking) it's considered rude our you're considered a stalker lol

This means that I can't just randomly rock up at someone's house, I need to contact them via phone. When did visiting your friends start becoming rude instead of the social norm? It seems to me as though as I grew up parents became less and less welcoming to me and my friends. I wasn't allowed to visit them without letting their parents know first, even if I wasn't going to stay long. It's like... I need to give people WARNING when I'm going to say hello and ask them how they are if they're in their own home lmfao I can understand why people never visited me when I was a kid - my mum never liked anyone around. I wasn't allowed to have people over. And eventually she started the trend too, saying to me: They should call first before they come over.

WTF!? Why!? lol Are our lives so god damn more important than the sanctity of the human relationship. I WISH my friends would drop by and say hi, in the useless way people used to. Now all we do if we just wanna say hi and catch up we use a phone. There's no human contact in that. I suddenly realised why my life is empty - there's no community in it. My community consists of one person. I always have to go and see my mum, she never puts any effort into seeing me. And I always have to go and see my nan because she's in a home. I never see the rest of my family, and again, I'd have to ring before I even dared see ANY of them lol

It's just amazing to me to realise that as human beings we are so separated from each other, and just how separated we really are. Sure, we all need a little down time - me especially with my line of work - but a ten minute hello how are you shouldn't be considered rude or stalking or an annoyance. It's how we used to communicate once, ALL of us. We used to be part of a huge community, now we're lucky to see our friends once a week face to face. I'm lucky to see some of my friends once a month. It's not good enough. Life was never meant to be this alienated.
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PostSubject: Re: I can't see my friends...   April 13th 2012, 1:25 am

Yeah it is kind of disturbing how much we rely on social sites like Myspace and Twitter to talk to our friends. I mean its an easier way to keep up with people that are far away but when your life consists of only people you never see it is rather sad. I'm still considered young and barely legal (in the US anyway) but I never got into the whole internet social web and media BS.
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PostSubject: Re: I can't see my friends...   August 11th 2012, 4:31 pm

i guess you're right, and it totally right when old fellows( i mean our parents :D ) says its the electronic age.

Its more fun when you just go to work or university for example and keep lookin for your friends and just pop out and say hi, now that one shouldnt be rude right! or should i just see some friend there and call her first to say hi can i come over and say hi :D omg seriously i never noticed how social life is like that! and internet life ( ie social networks like msn and FB... ect) turns life to a very boring thing

i so wish it was as you described Shyne, would have been so much fun, its like when we were young and go in the street and meet a totally stranger friend and say hi can we be friends and play :D now that would be awesome!!
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PostSubject: Re: I can't see my friends...   

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I can't see my friends...

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