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 MS3B Turn Comments Off!

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PostSubject: MS3B Turn Comments Off!   May 13th 2010, 3:29 am

This is a suggestion to MS3B.
This has nothing to do with what people say about my creations shared on MS3B.
This has everything to do with flat out, crude, awful, and mean people.

Once upon a time I found out that custom content existed. Then after months of struggle, I finally figured out how to install it. I then began looking everywhere for a good place to find all of the great downloads everyone shares. That place was My Sims 3 Blog.

I finally got up enough nerve to email MS3B and request them to post some of my sims that I have created. After a week or two, I began seeing my creations featured! I was like a little kid at christmas, it was an honor to have this well known Index of Custom Content share things that I have created, me, a not so important girl from a small town.

One long boring day I decided to browse the comments on that wonderful blog. Unfortunately, the nice comments were very few and far between. It was full of immature, mean, rude, and pointless remarks directed at the creators themselves and at the content they have made. I was disgusted. "Do manners even exist anymore?" I thought to myself.

Sorry people, but I don't know one person out there that likes being insulted, and I for one think its repulsive. I know how it feels to be so proud of something I've done, only to have it shot down minutes later with some bitter, poor arrangement of words over the web. Yes, it shouldn't bother me, but I am not the only person this has affected. I know there are several other creators that are fed up with the ill mannered responses over at MS3B.

My only suggestion for MS3B is to turn off the comments. If there are creators out there that no longer want their items featured on your blog because you shut the comments off them so be it. If people really want to give some criticism or personally bash a creator or their creations then they should contact the creator directly, not post some awful comment that will get a laugh out of some other jackass.

And to all the anonymous rude posters over there, please stop posting as anonymous and take responsibility for your arse hole comments. Here's a picture for you morons.

Ok so thats a tad immature, but the picture makes me laugh XD.

Thank you for your time.
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PostSubject: Re: MS3B Turn Comments Off!   May 13th 2010, 7:38 am

go get em,Evie! Nice picture. aaaaand yes virgina manners do exist but very sparingly. Ialways tried to teach my daughter treat people the way you would like them to treat you. Obviously their Momma's don't have manners either and forgot to teach them that. A cardial rule with me. Sorry you had to be mixed in with such hurtful people. Take care
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Comments : Two dyslexics run into a bank and shout, "air in the hands mother stickers...this is a f**k up!"

**not intended to offend people with this disability...just for kicks and giggles**

PostSubject: Re: MS3B Turn Comments Off!   May 13th 2010, 9:24 pm

I hear exactly what you are saying Evie. I'm so fed up with the way the 'anons' and some 'not' anons totally disrespect other creators. If you scroll through all of ms3b's comments on all of his postings you will not find ONE negative comment from me. I was taught the same as you Evie and bubby, if you don't have something good to say, say nothing at all. I would be totally appalled if my son or daughter said some of the nasty comments that have been said on ms3b. I have no problem with critiquing but vile hurtful postings are just not regarded and accepted as constructive criticism. NO other website, blog or forum that I've come across lets that kind of action take place. You deal with everything from brashness, rudeness, hostility, racism and homophobic's. Yes...they all are probably a bunch of teenagers with nothing better to do and I bet a lot of them don't even play the game! It sickens me with some of the comments that are posted there. I would NEVER allow that sort of activity on this site! I have two amazing mod's and wonderful members who wouldn't tolerate that either!
Joe does need to at least turn off the anon comments and I would suggest even checking the ip addresses and blocking the ones that visit on a regular only to heckle and annoy.
They all need to be aware that impersonating someone with the notion of ill intent is against the law and there are one to many of those now on the blog.
Maybe if more creators ban together and get this across to ms3b maybe he will see the toll it's taking on the very creators that make that site. He may lose a few, but trust me he would gain many more and those that he gains will be far greater and more than worth it!

He just makes my belly button smilez!
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PostSubject: Re: MS3B Turn Comments Off!   

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MS3B Turn Comments Off!

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