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 rant about disney movie rants

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PostSubject: rant about disney movie rants   July 1st 2012, 10:23 pm

I'm a huge Disney fan (I even made some Disney princess sims) despite the fact I'm an adult. I just don't like some of the following rants I see

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - Snow White's Prince is a child woohoo predator/home maker/

I just think couldn't we be gratefull for the two things that Disney improved of the story? Number 1: changing Snow's age from 7 as it is in the Grimm story to 14 (but looks 16).
Number 2: I think its better that The Prince fall in love with alive Snow White, rather then her suppose "dead" body. As for the homemaker aspect..well that's what the only role was for women during the 1800s (when the Grimms collected the story) and the 1930s (when Disney made it into a movie)

Cinderella Expecting her to "do" something about her situation

Why do people expect Cinderella to do "something" about her life? The only family we know she has is her step-family. We don't have any time period for the story itself.. but somewhere in France years and years before the French Revolution. Which means there would be little to no rights for women. There weren't even be a woman's shelter. All she could have done was maybe get a job in another house and who to know if might have gotten even treated even worse there? Note; This is the second-oldest fairy tale which can be traced back to Roman times but set in an early period.

Sleeping Beauty Her getting married at 16 years of age.
We have to remember that Sleeping Beauty doesn't take place in our time but at least the 14th century which means "kids" were married off young to have heirs and there's was always the danger of childbirth and sickness (like the Plague).

i]Peter Pan[/i] Lost Boys are orphans because they can't remember their moms

This is entire incorrect. Lost Boys aren't orphans just because they don't remember their moms. I mean you have to take into context the time period of the story. During that time period if a family could afford it, the would hire a nanny. The children spent most of the day either in the nursery, or outside with the nanny and only saw their parents twice a day: morning and night (to say "goodnight"). Now added to the fact, that the "Lost Boys" were infants when they "slipped" out of their prams is it any wonder why they wouldn't remember their moms? (Supposedly Never-land is suppose to mess with your mind too). Peter Pan himself? He ran away from home as a baby.

i]The Little Mermaid [/i] Ariel does everything only to get a man

Ok this is so entire wrong in my opinion. First of all it implies Ariel wasn't interested in the human word before she saw Prince Eric. We know that she was interested in the human world before Prince Eric. I mean the whole saving Eric thing at the beginning was what set the entire movie in motion. I mean it would have been a very short, boring movie if Ariel had just let the Prince drown wouldn't it? (Techinally if you ask me, I think Prince Eric kind of pays back the debt to Ariel near the end of the movie and it also shows King Trition that humans aren't all that bad). I mean at least Eric and Ariel had some days together unlike the two mintue or 5- seconds romance of earlier princesses.

Beauty and the Beast Beast is abusive/Belle has Stockholme Syndrome/
I don't get where its coming from that the Beast is abusive. We don't know how old he was when he oringal got cursed by the Enchantress (but not 10 years old) and according to what's been said, the time he has spent as a beast has messed up his mind. Belle is very independent. I mean does she really stay with the Beast after he yells at her? No she doesn't. The real abusive one would probably be Gaston. Belle doesn't get feelings for the beast until AFTER the Beast tries to change himself. She has nothing to do with changing him expect telling him off for his temper.

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rant about disney movie rants

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