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 Fairytale EP idea

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PostSubject: Fairytale EP idea   July 13th 2012, 10:52 pm

My oringal idea:

glass or golden slippers (I got the idea since I was/am a bit annoyed of the 400,000 Sims 3 "Cinderella" stories on here and youtube not having a important elements).

Oh and speaking of glass/golden slippers how about we have an option of choosing how big our sims' feet are in CAS-another important element of Cinderella-we wouldn't want all young maidens to be wearing the slipper now would we?

a pumpkin stage coach/car

magic mirror-we are getting this in SN

Fake death aka, sleep by either apple or spinning wheel or both (but we're getting a posion in SN)

Could we please get a tiara that lets the hair down since the only one in the store the hair is up.

interactions: Bow (boys/men), curtsy (girls/women)-more Ideas??

long skirts for (when they aren't in ballgowns) and I mean ones that hide the ankles:

Not being sexist-just trying to be PC

and how about an option for a dress to get "dirty"-ie like Cinderella's "work" dress- OT: I mean she gets her name from sitting beside the fireplace and getting cinders on her.

How about for special gown option ((coming from either 1)a NPC fairy godmother or 2) whoever "You" choose to be the godmother)) that turns bag into dirty work clothes at midnight-but they would need to fix the clock in the sims so there would be enough time for Cindy to get to the ball and dance with the prince (it could either be an NPC-or someone you choose-I rather it not be a NPC-since as soon as your female sim marries him he wouldn't be a prince unless they can change it that you move into his place instead

and/or maybe an option so you could choose a) move Prince into your sim's place, b) move into the Prince's castle, or C)random.

Oh and for apple/spindle sleep- how about a bending over kissing option if the heroine is ZZZZ

and I would like an option for our "Sleeping Beauties" (LOL-laughing at my own little joke) to be able to sleep on TOP of the bed covers. and not have to cheat and use the "nap" option. or females

royal family bloodline, a bit like the vampire bloodline, but of course restricted to one or 2 families and not as much spawning, but then sims could have a LTW to marry prince charming; marry a member of the royal family.

k the fairy god mother thing should be like a profession, and magic is the new skill that it goes with..

If this could be mixed into a Magic EP so we can get a good balance of the fantasy and the 'modern-day wizard/witch/warlock/etc

They could include a familiar red hooded cape, dress up wolf outfit, ladders so we can make proper tree houses, lots of new trees, bushes and flowers to make a more lush garden and more.

Prince and Princess outfits and crowns, for all ages.

More wedding items to have a fairytale wedding.

More castle items.

Spiral staircase.

A sim life time wish to marry a prince or princess.

Pet dragon.

They could include witches and all the items that could go with a magic theme like cauldrons, spell books, magic potions, decor cobwebs, witches outfit and hat, broomstick, a large walk in fireplace and more.

Also a suit of armor outfit and helmet.


1. So, when a Sim kisses a sleeping Sim, the Sleeping Beauty will have the option to punch the living daylights off of the kisser if he/she is in a bad mood. Or maybe we can do that on purpose

2. Weapons. Like in TS3 Medieval, although this is unlikely. Also, I want more weapons and not just swords. Ex: Bows, spears, etc

3. (number 3 was magic)

4. . New life state: The Beast (Beauty & The Beast)

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PostSubject: Re: Fairytale EP idea   July 13th 2012, 11:44 pm

Wow, not asking for much are ya?! I don't see how ea could possibly add all of this without making just a single ep for just this category. good sigh

He just makes my belly button smilez!
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PostSubject: Re: Fairytale EP idea   July 14th 2012, 11:44 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Fairytale EP idea   

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Fairytale EP idea

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