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 Clannad: A Wonderful Life Chapter 1

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PostSubject: Clannad: A Wonderful Life Chapter 1   August 27th 2012, 3:03 pm

A Wonderful Life

by Dyanna Gajdowski

Rated Pg 13

Genre: Family/Humor

Overview: Takes place a year after After Story. When Nagisa becomes pregnant again, Tomoya's memories of Ushio's birth and the other outcome return again. The old gang gets together and a few things come to a head: Youhei proposes to Tomoyo (again),

Kouko and Yusuke welcome a new baby, Kotomi wins the Nobel Prize and Ryou Fuijibayashi is getting married. Fuko's forgotten memories during their High School days seem to be returning but her memories of Ushio are disappearing. Is Fuko developing amnesia or is something else happening?

Chapter 1: Room for One More


When Tomoya came to pick her up from school, Ushio knew her mother was sick again. "Hi, Daddy!" she exclaimed as she jumped in his arms.

"Did you have a good day at school, Ushio?" Tomoya asked as he twirled her around.

"Uh-huh." she replied as he put her down. "Oh, I just remembered! Ms. Fujibayashi wanted em to give this to you." Ushio took a newspaper clipping out of her backpack. When he saw the headline, Tomoya's eyes widened in amazement: 'Kotomi Ichinose Awarded Nobel Prize'.

"That's incredible!" he exclaimed. "Wait til' Mommy gets a look at this!"

"What's it say?" Ushio asked.

"You remember Kotomi-chan, right?" he asked her, to which she nodded slowly. "Well, according to the paper, she's getting a very special award."

"Is it like the Honor Roll?" Ushio asked as they left the school together.

"Eh...something like that." he replied. As they walked home, Ushio told her more about how her day at school had gone. Ushio, now six was in first grade but she did see Kyou Fujibayashi around school. When they arrived home, Nagisa and the Furukawas were there.

"Welcome home, Ushio." Sanae greeted as Ushio hugged her and then Akio in turn.

"How was school today?" Nagisa asked her daughter.

"I saw Ms. Fujibayashi today." she replied as she handed her the newspaper clipping. "She gave me that to show you."

"Amazing!" Nagisa exclaimed when she read it. "Tomoya, did you see this?"

"I did." he replied as he smiled. "Somehow I'm not surprised. She was the smartest girl in our school, after all. We should have a get together and celebrate."

"That's a great idea." Nagisa replied as she smiled. "We'll have two things to celebrate instead of one."

"What do you mean?" Tomoya asked as he glanced at Akio. Unlike before, he wasn't giving anything up.

"Let's just say when we went to the hospital, we found out why Nagisa hasn't been feeling well this time." Akio replied as he grinned.

"Tomoya, Ushio...I'm going to have a baby!" Nagisa announced. Both of them were speechless for two different reasons. Ushio was thrilled but Tomoya was stunned.

"Heh, that was me when I found out." Akio said as he slapped Tomoya on the back. "Congratulations, Tomoya. You did it again!"

"I'm going to be a big sister!" Ushio exclaimed happily.

"Uh...yeah." Tomoya finally said, his mind somewhere else.

"If you're worried about what happened when we found out about Ushio, a nurse offered to help out through the winter." Sanae said to him. "Not only that, it's someone you know."

"Really?" he asked in surprise.

"Yup, it's Ryou." Nagisa replied. You remember her right, Ushio?" she's Ms. Fujibayashi's twin sister."

"Yeah, she really nice." said Ushio.

"The baby will be born in the spring, which should eliminate most of the concerns that arose when Ushio was born." Sanae explained to Tomoya. "When I talked to Ryou about it, she offered her services free of charge."

"That's very nice of her." he replied in amazement. "Then again, that's the way she's always been. I'm going to call Youhei and Tomoyo and see if they're available to come in town." He dialed Tomoyo's number first since she still lived in town. He was surprised when a man's voice picked up the phone.

"Hello?" The voice said. Tomoya recognized the owner of the voice instantly.

"Sunohara?" he asked in surprise.

"Oh hey, Tomoya what's up?" he replied.

"Why are you answering Sakagami's phone?" Tomoya asked. "What are you doing there, anyway?"

"Well she is my girlfriend, Tomoya." he replied. "She just stepped out for a few minutes but I'll let her know to call you."

"Actually wait." Tomoya said before he could hang up. "I was going to call you both but since I'm talking you now you can just pass this along to her. Did you hear Kotomi is getting the Nobel Prize?"

"We just saw it in the paper." Youhei replied. "Pretty awesome, right?"

"Yeah, I was hoping we could have dinner at our place to celebrate that and some other good news." he said. "Nagisa's pregnant."

"You're having another baby?" Youhei asked in surprise. "That's awesome!"

"So can you come?" Tomoya asked.

"Sure I'll come." he replied. "I'll tell Tomoyo and Mei about it, too. Later, Okazaki!"

"By the way, how's she adjusting to working at the bakery?" Nagisa asked her parents.

"She catches on quick." Akio replied. "With the extra pair of hands we can bake more bread. I think we might be able to plan a vacation at this rate."

"Wait, who are you talking about?" Tomoya asked.

"Mom and Dad were just telling me about the new assistant they hired recently." Nagisa explained for his benefit. "It's her first job and now that her older sister's teaching again, she can't sit around at home anymore."

"Wait...you don't mean..." Tomoya trailed as the name of one person came to mind.

"Yup, it's Fu-chan!" Ushio exclaimed.

"She's not bad with baking, either." Akio remarked. "Senae's creations are still astronomically worse in comparison but-"

"Do you think it's a good idea to say that when she's standing right in front of you?" Tomoya asked.

"Oh, I see how it is!" Sanae said, already move to tears. "So that's what you really think about my bread and pastries!" She ran out of the apartment sobbing, Akio right behind her.

"Wait, Sanae!" Akio called after her. "I love your bread and pastries!"

"Some things never change." Nagisa said as the three smiled.

"Some things, yeah." Ushio said as she sat in her mother's lap.

"Things are going to be different when the new baby gets here." Tomoya remarked thoughtfully. "Now that our family's getting a little bigger, we're going to need a bigger place. This place is fine for three but I don't think we'd be able to fit with four."

"Yes, I agree." Nagisa added. "I've come to love this place but for our growing family, we'll need to get a new home."

"Is that ok with you, Ushio?" Tomoya asked. "Unlike me and Mommy, this is the only home you've ever known. Moving to a new house can be scary."

"As long as I have you, I'll be fine." she replied as she hugged him.
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Clannad: A Wonderful Life Chapter 1

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