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 Hogwarts: A Student Life (Aurora Loons) Notes

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Hogwarts: A Student Life (Aurora Loons) Notes Vide
PostSubject: Hogwarts: A Student Life (Aurora Loons) Notes   Hogwarts: A Student Life (Aurora Loons) Notes I_icon_minitimeSeptember 22nd 2012, 10:35 pm

Year 1
Hogwarts: A Student Life (Aurora Loons) Notes AuroraLoonsatYear1_zps9fa67adf
Year 7
Hogwarts: A Student Life (Aurora Loons) Notes AuroraLoons_zps528e9bbf
Name: Aurora Lynn Loons
Age: 11-17
Personality: Sweet, kind, to nice, shy at times, book worm, a bit of a know it all, super sweet, incredibly smart and logical, likes to use common sense alot.
Family: Little sister, and drunk, mean, rude dad.
Blood status: half-blood

first person POV

Year 1:
After being sorted into Ravenclaw, I've been trying to study as much as possible, always spending my time in the library and trying to do my best to get amazing grades and try to impress my fahter. He's always hated us, never beleiving that I had any talent, being a pureblood he murdered my mum in cold blood, he didn't tell us, I found out.
I wanted to tell the Ministry. I had all the proof I needed, letters between them when they divorced, threatning letters, he used the killing curse on her and got ride of her body.
I had figured out a spell to use that they would be able to see the scene. All I needed was a Diviniation ball and I'd be able to do it.
But I'd need to be 18.... so I could take care of my little sister.
Two grades under me, one year younger.
We fought... alot.
I just went to classes over and over again, the same rountine every day. I met a girl named Cho Chang, we're friends.

Year 2:
All the paralizations have been getting me thinking. Whats doing it? How's it doing it.
It's always flooded. So it requires water or uses water as an advantage to get to the muggleborns...
maybe it was a snake of sorts... but snakes can't paralyze things...
I frowned and walked to the library, I gave Madam Pince a note for the restricted section and walked in.
I grabbed all the books I'd possibly need and sat down at a table in the regular section so no one got suspicious.
I read through the books, skimming through the words and all of the books, until I found something that stuck out to me.
'A basilisk'
My mind burst, putting the peices together.
"Of the many fearsome beasts and monsters that roam our land, there is none more curious or more deadly than the Basilisk, known also as the King of Serpents. This snake, which may reach gigantic size, and live many hundreds of years, is born from a chicken's egg, hatched beneath a toad. Its methods of killing are most wondrous, for aside from its deadly and venomous fangs, the Basilisk has a murderous stare, and all who are fixed with the beam of its eye shall suffer instant death. Spiders flee before the Basilisk, for it is their mortal enemy, and the Basilisk flees only from the crowing of the rooster, which is fatal to it."
I read.
" I hope you aren't getting into trouble." an unfimiliar voice said. I turned around and looked at the person behind me.
A cute boy with sandy-ish hair, stunning blue eyes and an irish accent was smiling me.
" No trouble, just curiousity." I lied, I had the oddest feeling of being watched... by a smirking face. It was, odd. I can't lie.
Ginny Weasly has been gone two days. I'm assuming it's the heir of Slytherin that took her.
He laughed a little. " What's a Basilisk?" he said looking over my shoulder.
I had some odd feeling inside me, knowing I would get into trouble.
" A type of snake, I was just curious." I said.
" Seamus! Ask her!" Fred and George said pushing him forwards.
I was a bit confused.
Was he going to ask me out?
Was he askign for help?
What was he doing?
He glared a little.
" Why her?" he asked.
I felt a bit insulted actually.
" She's a ravenclaw, she's smart!"
Fred said.
" Super smart, she helps us once in a while."
George added.
It's true.
I did help them plan out the timing of their pranks.
" Can you help me with my potions essay?" Seamus asked.
" Course' I can." I said, gesturing to the seat next to me.
He sat down next to me and pulled out his potions book, and opened it to the first page, looking at me expectingly.
" Oh- uh- right- sorry. Page... um.... 78.. no I think it's page 91... yea page 91." I said.
He smiled a little and turned onto the page, and looked at me again.
I read the entire articale to him, pointing out the important parts and the things that he should put in his essay while I also worked on mine.
He occasionally asked for help. He dropped one of my books on accident, I bent down to pick it up but my hand touched something warm, it was Seamus's hand.
He picked it up for me, and handed it to me, seeming to be blushing. I felt the heat on my cheeks a bit too.
I just checked over his essay and helped him correct a bit of it, he seemed still a bit emberresed. Maybe a bit in lust?
I don't know.
After a little bit I felt myself dozing off while he was sitting with me and were had elapsed into an akward scilence.
When I woke up, it was late around 2 am in the morning.
Seamus was asleep. I found out that the couch we'd been sitting on, I'd had my head in his lap and his arms were wrapped around me protectivley.
I felt the heat erupt in my cheeks like a burden.
I walked away and looked at the book I'd been reading before I dozed off.
'The Ghost of Hogwarts'
It'd fallen on the ground. I picked it up and just before I put it up, something cuaght my eye.
" Myrtle was murdered by a blocked cause fifty years ago to the day." Caught my eye.
Fifty years ago... that'd make sense... the chamber must have been opened then!
That makes perferct sense!
I leaped up from the couch and ran to the Bathroom, praying not to get caught.
I ran in.
" Myrtle?" I whispered.
I had that feeling againg, being watched.
" Out of bed late are we?" she said.
" Please Myrtle, my name is Aurora, I have somethings to ask you, it could stop more people from being paralyzed!" I whispered.
She was infront of me now.
" Well... alright." she said.
" Alright... So... what do you remember, those minutes before...." I trailed off.
She seemed to understand I didn't want to upset her.
" Well, I was in that stall..."she started pointing to a stall across the room.
" And I was crying, Olive Hornby had been teasing me about my glasses again, and then I heard someone hissing or talking to themselves, it was a boy's voice. I was angry. They weren't supposed to be in here!" she said.
" Then. I opened the stall and yelled ' Go away!' the last thing I saw was a big pair of yellow eyes." she said hauntingly.
" I'm dreadfully sorry about that Myrtle, can you tell me what the boy looked like?" I asked gently.
She looked at me seeming apologetic. She pointed. I filled with dread as It was right behind me.
I turned around, a boy a few years older than me was smirking with an impressed glance on his face.
" Shame, shame Aurora Loons. Curiosity is a naughty thing." he tisked, then grew deadly serious and I blacked out.
Next thing I know when I wake up theres a concerned face looking at me.
Black-ish brown hair, green eyes, glasses.
" What happened?" a voice weaker than my own but happened to be mine asked.
" You were taken into the chamber of secrets. Everyone has been frantic withought you. Specially Seamus." Harry said, I went crimson.
Harry smiled a little. " How'd someone get me out then?" I asked. " Harry got you out, practically passed out on the floor after he brought you here." Madam Pomfrey said.
" Yea, everyone still thinks your in the chamber, except Ron. he was there." Harry said.
I nodded. " Okay then." I said.
He helped me up and supported me and helped me walk into the great hall. He said goodbye and left.
I frowned, sighlently cursing.
But I opened the door.
Everyone went sighlent as they were all eating. Then- " SHE'S BACK!" 's screamed.
Seamus was out of his seat before I could react and hugged me.
I squeacked a little in surprise.
A few aw's erupted.
I barely knew Seamus but it was a jesture that made my heart flutter...

Year 3
Nothing much happened after that.
The year was calm, Seamus and I grew closer, becoming close friends.
My little sister started Hogwarts.
We still didn't talk much.
During that year I stayed away from my little sister. Until I heard Malfoy's voice, taunting some one. When I turned the corner into that hall.
That person was my little sister.
I ended up yelling at Malfoy and then punching him in the face.
He sure as heck deserved it.
Seamus had complimented me on that, I smiled and felt a little heat on my cheeks.
Seamus raised an eyebrow quizically. And I blushed more. After that I continued my usual activities through the year.

Year 4:
Harry was in the Tri-wizard tournament!
It blew your mind, also making me furious to whomever signed him up.
I knew it wasn't Harry.
It wasn't possible for him to do it himself.
I supported him through his endevors in the first task.
I was reading in the library one day and then it all occured to me. " Oh my god." I said to myself.
Voldemort had done it.
Or gotten someone to do it.
It'd explain all the weird things happening latley.
And it made perfect sense...
a little atleast.
I ran to go tell him that.
" HARRY HARRY HARRY HARRY HARRY HARRY HARRRRRRRRRY!" I yelled the entire way down the stairs. I saw him walking at the lake
"HARRY HARRY HARRY HARRY HARRY HARRY HARRY HARRY!" I yelled again running towards him.
he looked at me, looking slightly amused.
" Aurora!" he mimicked me.
I laughed a little. " I found something out and it should be super important!" I started but trailed off.
"OH MY GOSH IT'S A BUNNY! I'LL TELL YOU LATER! COME BACK BUNNY!" I said and ran after the fluffy little critter, hearing Harry laugh and say bye.
It ran into the dark forest.
I frowned. " Well darn it." I muttured. I'd trailed far away from the school, loosing interest in the rabbit shortly but it was leading me there it seamed, keeping a slow enough pace for me to keep up with it.
I heard a twig snap and a growl. I felt small and weak. My wand uslessly lying on my deskk in my room. I took a few steps back panickly. " Fred, george? This is no where near funny!" I said weakly.
I knew they wouldn't pull a prank like this.
The person was infront of me now, deatheater mask on, and a daunting Malfoy smirk as it was revealed as lucius Malfoy. I let out an involuntarry whimper and took off running back to the castle. I heard him apparate. I knew I was done for as I felt him grab me and the next thing I knew I was yelling at a bunch of empty rooms and Barty Crouch Jr in Mad Eye Moody's clothes before I blacked out. Maybe riddle was right and curiousity was bad.
I humored myself.
Ofcourse it was dangerous.
But why the hell not?
When I opened my eyes again I saw a chubby little man I'd seen a picture of.
I sat up and quietly followed him.
He knew I was following him, becasue he'd looked back and smiled.
He was carrying a little bundle that made me afraid.
I saw Harry. " Harry!" I yelped. He looked at me. " Always you." he said. I nodded a little. But when I tried to walk forward I found myself encaged in a statue's grasp it's stony hand gripping a staff and pinning me uncomfortably onto it. I couldn't move at all.
I furiously squirmed and tried to get away but it soon began to hurt. I wasn't far from harry. I saw Cedric Diggory looking at me with worry. " Kill the spare!" a raspy voice said.
" Avada Kedavra!" the chubby man, Peter Pettigrew, said. I thought I was dead.
but it wasn't me. It was Cedric, who colapsed dead, right infront of me. His last ounce of life giving me a weak wink of comfort.
" Cedric!" harry screamed. " No!" I screamed in horror.
Then Pettigrew cut harry with a knife, harry screaming in agony.
I looked sympathetically at him.
Then voldemort came out of that cauldren.
He summoned a bunch of deahteaters, shaming them. Then walked over to me, smirking malliciously.
He pinched my cheek mockingly. " Haven't I warned you about curiousity, Aurora Loons?" he said gently.
" Have I ever not been curious Riddle? Nice nose." I mocked. He glared.
I smirked a little.
Then he looked at Cedric and tsked.
" Don't do that!" I growled angrily. " DON'T TOUCH HIM!" Harry yelled.
Then He went to torturing Harry.
Then to mock him more I fell from the statue, the sudden realese startling me and causing a little scream of suprise to erupt from my mouth.
Voldemort pointed his wand at me. " Shame shame Aurora, everytime we've met it's out of your arogance." he tisked.
" Arogance? I think not Riddle. I was merely curious and logical. Much smarter than that peanut brain of yours could be. I figured out where the chamber was, who you killed, how you did it. My so called 'arrogance' may lead me into bad things, but jsut you wait to see what your idioticy had done to you." I said.
He smirked. " Such a brave girl." he said then turned to Harry. Daring Harry to battle him.
I was crucioed shortly before my little speech so I was weakly sitting up, leaning against a statue, right next to Cedric. I felt a tear fall from my cheek as I looked at his lifeless body.
Voldemort yelled. Harry looked at me sympathetically at how shakey and pained I looked. I grabbed my wand from where I'd hidden it as I'd found it when I woke up.
Harry shook his head vigorously for me not to do what he knew what I was about to do.
I smirked devilishly.
I shot up. " Petrifocus Totalus!" I said and fell back down, with the sudden force of someone tackling me.
I oofed as I fell to the ground and hit my head hard on the ground the force causing me to go into a sotrt of daze, a trance if you will.
I was still concious but weak, and confused, as if I wasn't enough. Harry had tackled me.
" Sorry Aurora." he said weakly.
He stood up.
Voldemort smiled at me.
I somehow managed to sit up, flinching in pain as I think I sprained my ankle. I stood up, limping heavily on my uninjured foot. My wand in hand.
I put a small amount of presure on my ankle and held in a cry of agony.
I nearly gasped as Harry and Voldemort went into Prior Cantenium.
Spell lock.
it was deadly and almost impossible to get rhough.
Then, he let go, Voldemrot was distracted. I tripped and Harry caught me, putting his and my hand on Cedric's unmoving heart. " Accio!" he said.
Then next thing I know we're infront of the croud.
Deafening cheers erupted.
" HARRY FOUND HER!" someone screamed.
I felt tears roll freely down my cheeks at Cedric's dead body.
Harry was leaning over him, refusing to let go.
" Harry!" Dumbledore said. Seamus practically sprinted towards me and hugged me again. " Ouch!" I yelped a little as I put pressure onmy ankle.
He frowned at me. " I'm sorry Rori!" Seamus said.
Then suddenly angry; " Don't ever do that again!" he scolded.
He picked me up bridal style. I started to protest but found it useless. I somehow got him to let me walk on my own but he was practically carrying me.
An arm around my waist and holding my hand over his shoulders to steady me. " Seamus I'm fine, it's just a sprain-" I started as he guided me into the hospital wing.
" Oh my that's a brocken ankle dear!" Madam Pomfrey said.
Seamus looked at me with that look.
I rolled my eyes. He carried me onto a bed no matter how much I protested again.
He practically forced a potion down my throat intent on me being better.
Next thing I know I'd discovered it was a sleeping draught I was already out cold.
After that ordeal I grew closer to Harry, and even closer with Seamus.

Year 5:
I walked into the great hall. Automatically sensing a disturbance. I sat down on Fred's lap and put my feet on George's lap at the Gryffindor Table. Dumbledore smiled at me and nodded his head in acknowledgement. I waved back cheerfully.
A few people smiled at me and Harry, Ron, and Hermnione laughed and smiled at me.
Seamus looked a bit jealous but sat down with his friends.
I always joked around with the twins, we were inseprebale and odd trio I know, the pranking kings and the smart ravenclaw, but why the heck not?
I laughed a bit at the expressions given to me. Flitwick looked a bit annoyed but then greeted me. " Ms.Loons" he said in his squacky voice. " Good evening Professor!" I chirped.
The twins mocked me after he left.
I rolled my eyes, dumbledore began his speech.
I was drinking some water when I heard a petite little voice clear her throat, interupting dumledore.
" Did she just-"
fred started.
" interupt Dumbledore?"
George finished.
I'd spat out my water all over a now disgusted Ron.
I gained a few amused glances from other people.
" THankyou Albus-" the pink woman started and began to lecture us.
" I know we'll all be friends-" she started.
" That's likely." Fred, George and I said in unison.
A few bunch of laughs erupted.
She looked at us, seeming a bit annoyed.
We continued thigns through out the year and every time it annoyed the crud out of me.
I just snapped suddenly, in class.
I stood up ad she had just been calling some Hufflepuff girl nasty names and she yelled at her and sotmred out of class.
" Pinky! I have something important to tell you!" I proclaimed.
" Raise your hand Ms. Loons." she said.
I raised my hadn.
" Yes Ms. Loons." she said. Fred and George were snickering from either side of me and Seamus was laughing.
" Yes Ms. Loons?" seh pressed seeming a bit annoyed.
" You said we would be good friends on your first day here-" I started emotionally.
" We're more than this Pinky- I LOVE YOU!" I yelled.
Seamus, Fred, and George were laughing endlessly.
" Detentin Ms. Loons!" Pinky said.
" Better the more time I get to spend with you pink frog!" I said emotinally wiping a tear from my eyes.
She was steaming with anger.
After that I joined Dumbledore's Army withought a moment's hesitation.
i learned my patronus was a wolf.
At the Battle days later I went, Sirius died, I felt so much sympathy for Harry. Loosing his godfather like that.
After that Seamus was angry with me aagain for breakign my arm. Apparently punching a wall in frstration is really bad.

Year 6:
Dumbledore... dead. I don't know what to do. I loved White bumblebee. He was so smart, and helpful and he was always there for me... now he's gone.
He'd given me a word of advice. He wanted me to make up with my sister.
I knew I would some how . For her.
I then started to walk forward. I was right infront of Dumbledore's lifeless body. I pointed my wand into the airand a small light appeared, and everyone echoing my action.

Year 7/Battle of Hogwarts.
hogwarts was hell. Seamus and I haven't been talking much.
I don't know why.
It's just weird.W
e never really talk....
It's weird.
Then, one day Harry appearas. And everything is just... different.
Then hell is here.
I knew it was the fight of history.
I'd do all the best I could ever do.
Then, I felt a sudden panic. I felt that feeling that you get when your life is about to change.
I saw someone about to kill her.
Some son of a bitch about ot kill me sister.
No one.
Ever touches my sister.
I roared with fury and ran forward, shoving her away and into her lover's arms.
He apparated as I yelled. " RIDUCTO!" with pure fury in my voice.
"NO ONE TOUCHES MY SISTER YOU BITCH!" I yelled in pury fury.
" RORI!" an irish voice yelled. I turned aournd and the second that happened, someone's lips were smashed against mine.
Seamus was snogging me.
Holy crap.
I immidietley reacted, kissing him like it was our last.
It probably was.
I pulled away after kissing him my best. " I love you Seamus." I said then ran off.
" HARRY POTTER IS DEAD!" Voldemort screamed.
" You noesless son of a bitch." I muttured darkly.
He smiled at me.his look making me think he was saying 'join us'
Then a speech was given. And Harry wasn't dead.
Thank Godric.A
Fter that bruatl battle I was looking for my gigner twins.
" George, where's Fred?" I asked softly. George burst into tears. I saw a head of ginger hair. Everyone went quiet as I walked quickly towards the lifeless body that was my best friend.
" No." I said weakly.
I burst into tears and felt someone hug me.
I knew it was Seamus.

Authors POV

Two days later Seamus proposed to Aurora, and she immidietley almost screamed yes.
Two months later Aurora was pregnant.

Her Wedding Dress:
Hogwarts: A Student Life (Aurora Loons) Notes HerWeddingDress_zps7b128e0a

His Tuxedo:
Hogwarts: A Student Life (Aurora Loons) Notes HisTux_zps3d91cc4d


Kaylin Marie Finnigan
Hogwarts: A Student Life (Aurora Loons) Notes HerDaughter_zpsaadc8aa1

Seamus Remus Finnigan
Hogwarts: A Student Life (Aurora Loons) Notes Herson_zpsfc6c893d

Sarah Mitchell Finnigan
Hogwarts: A Student Life (Aurora Loons) Notes HerYear1Daughter_zps156868af

There will be more to add to each Year that she goes through. I am so excited... Big smile I want to make this a hit on here with Madame too! I hope she will be able to help too! If you get this Madame...will you help me? question You can even make your own and do the same.

This is also like Harry Potter but will only be on Fanfiction.com I will put Year 1 up soon!

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PostSubject: Re: Hogwarts: A Student Life (Aurora Loons) Notes   Hogwarts: A Student Life (Aurora Loons) Notes I_icon_minitimeSeptember 23rd 2012, 1:59 am

Very very very well written!! And OMG if you and Madame got together on this it would be astounding!!! You may have something here girly...very entertaining! hiho

He just makes my belly button smilez!
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Hogwarts: A Student Life (Aurora Loons) Notes Vide
PostSubject: Re: Hogwarts: A Student Life (Aurora Loons) Notes   Hogwarts: A Student Life (Aurora Loons) Notes I_icon_minitimeSeptember 23rd 2012, 3:10 pm

Thanks, Cece! I really hope Madame would be able to help me...I have so many ideas. hiho
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Hogwarts: A Student Life (Aurora Loons) Notes Vide
PostSubject: Re: Hogwarts: A Student Life (Aurora Loons) Notes   Hogwarts: A Student Life (Aurora Loons) Notes I_icon_minitimeSeptember 29th 2012, 6:34 pm

I'm also on Fanfiction net as Cornflower Ariel. But you need to have a reason for why the pure-blood dad killed the mom. The only thing I can think of is a half-blood (ie. Voldemort, Snape) posing as a full pure-blood and the dad finds out that one of the mum's parents is Muggle/or Muggle born (I think that would be allowed).

Only and in the wizarding world the adult age is 17. So you might want to change that one sentence with 18 to 17.

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Hogwarts: A Student Life (Aurora Loons) Notes Vide
PostSubject: Re: Hogwarts: A Student Life (Aurora Loons) Notes   Hogwarts: A Student Life (Aurora Loons) Notes I_icon_minitimeOctober 7th 2012, 12:43 am

Thank you madame for the info, and I will read your stuff on fanfiction. Of course...I will change 18 to 17...thank you!!!! Love067 hiho
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Hogwarts: A Student Life (Aurora Loons) Notes Vide
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Hogwarts: A Student Life (Aurora Loons) Notes

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