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 Why do people think "Disabiltiy" is a synom for injury?

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PostSubject: Why do people think "Disabiltiy" is a synom for injury?   May 28th 2013, 8:21 pm

I do get a bit annoyed when people appear to think Disability is a synonym for injury. The two aren't the same at all (except that some injuries could lead into a full disabltiy). I started a thread in the GD section about answers I got relating to being able to have 'differently-abled' sims. (It had gotten moved to the I&F forum) I got some very nice/interesting replies from a Gru (check the colour blind thread for answers I got) and some one started to talk about having 'temporary disabilities' (ie broken leg/arm).

Just why do people appear to think disability is a synonym for 'injury'?

Another thing: why do people just assume because the thread in question is in the Sims' I&F part of forum people assume its means for Sims 3?

Why do people think I want disablties in the sims to 'glamorize' disabiltes? I don't want it to glamorize disabilites. I want it for the same reason I want BF to make it a more 'normal' part of life.
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Why do people think "Disabiltiy" is a synom for injury?

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