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 Revised Story

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PostSubject: Revised Story   July 3rd 2013, 1:31 am

Original by Walt Disney

Once upon a time in a far off land, there lived a kindly gentleman.  He had a fine home and a lovely little daughter, and gave her all that money could buy-a horse of her own, a funny puppy dog, and many beautiful dresses to wear. (This is how it all goes)
But the little girl had no mother.  She wanted a mother, so if she couldn’t with father, she could with a stepmother.  She wanted one that would care for her no matter what, even if she was ill and would tuck her in at night too!  Then suddenly after the honeymoon with the new Stepmother and her father, he had died.  This was devastating on her.  And now she lives with an overprotective Stepmother.  The young beautiful angel was named Ella.
Soon after the father’s death, Elvira, her stepmother kept close eye on Ella.  She made sure she went to school and came back home. Her stepsisters dreaded knowing that their own mother loved Ella more than them, her own daughters.  Well, Elvira only protected Ella because Ella’s father told her to keep a close watch for her if he died early.  (Yep, that is not really true)

6 more years later...
“Ella! It’s time to get fitted!” Stepmother said in a gracious tone but yet still scolding.  Ella rolled her eyes and slowly turned around while looking in the dim mirror.  Debbie and Ana were both insanely jealous of Ella, but always treated her like a sister.
“Ella, are you even ready yet?” Elvira said in a scolding tone once more.  Then Elvira came to the doorway of her room and peeked in and said,
“Ella, what a lovely gown to wear into town.  What a lovely pick!” She then backed away and Ella went along with her.  Keeping track of the family’s fund was what Ella had to do.  She was a very good treasurer if she says so herself. Then Ella pipes up with,
“Yes! I can’t wait to meet new guys, wait...what are guy?” Ella questioned furiously.  Even though she knew they were what true love make up, and that was just enough to believe.  Her step sister, Ana was over with the baker again and Debbie was over by her mother picking out sweet berries to bring back to their glorious home.  After their day of adventuring, they soon got mailed a letter for a ball.  It read:

Dear Fair Maidens,
I’ve accompanied you to a ball to dance with the prince himself, Edward Willows.  We have wanted the prince to find a wife for some time and the only way we could get out to all the young ladies of Bakersfield was to send an invitation to a ball in his honor, Prince Edward Everett Reynolds Willows the second.  So I hope you take it into consideration.
Signed the King,        
Everett Michael Wimb Willows

The girls had no idea what to do, but they were sure that Ella wasn’t going to the ball.  It would be the fact the prince would fall in love with her and that would rip Ella and Elvira away forever.  Elvira didn’t want it to happen, but she didn’t want Ella to hate her forever.  She looked at Ella’s anxious face and she saw the sunshine and hope in her eyes and gave in to Ella.  Ella always had that special way of getting what she wanted or that was what Debbie and Ana thought of Ella.  Ella was so incredibly happy, it was a burden if she told her no.
“Stepmother, I would like to thank you for letting me go.  This means so much to me and I know how you always want to keep me close to you and all, but I have to be set free somehow.” Ella gently hugged her and flew up to her room with happiness and joy.  
The day finally came for the ball and Ella was up in her room taking a nap.  That was when she heard the door of the carriage shut and then drive off.  Ella jumped out of bed as quick as possible, seeing if she could catch them as they drove away.  But she wasn’t so lucky as she thought she was going to be.

A few minutes later she was crying in the garden, but this time she was allowed to go.  The only thing was her fairy godmother was late.  She was the latest than in all the other stories she was in.  Then all of a sudden................................POOF! She came flying in with her magic wand.  She was blue and sparkly all over,
“Why are you crying?” She said rather mean like and rather like she didn’t care.  Then Ella looked at her and cried yet again,
“I missed the ball, and they left me all alone in the house!  I am so upset with all of this, but I want to go also.” Then all of a sudden after she said this another.......................................POOF went out and all of the animals turned into the horse and a cat turned into the driver.  Then Ella’s clothes turned into a Blue gown and her hair turned into a ponytail. But then all of a sudden the lone pumpkin turned into a Carriage that was a Platinum Silver colored one.
“Thank you! I really appreciate this!” Ella shouted as she got in and drove off to the palace.  The wind was a little strong but her outfit seemed to stay in tact and all of her pride wasn’t gone, well not yet anyway.  Once she gets to the palace she gets out and flees to the door where people were coming in and out.  She walks through the door and Elvira rushes towards her.
““Ella! Finally you arrived, we were worried.  You are lucky we would’ve had to come back home and stay at home!” She said in an over protective voice that screamed.  But not too loud though.
“Stepmother! I thought you left me on purpose, and didn’t want me to come at all.” She said back to Elvira.  Elvira introduced the prince at once and they began dancing,
“Hello, you must be Edward.  I have heard so much about you and your castle and royalty.  Are you truly a prince and soon to be King?” Ella asked innocently as if shy and all alone.  Edward gracefully put his arm around her hip and pulled her in for a slow dance.
“Oh, Ella! You are so beautiful, I hope to see you again soon.  Are you a sad and lonely maiden like the one in this book?” He says and shows me the picture of a fair beauty with long blonde hair pulled into a bun with the most beautiful blue gown.  I look away and sob a little then gently look into his eyes and say,
“No, I am loved by my stepmother and sometimes she can be a little over protective, but she has a beautiful soul with deep ambition.  The kind that will get her into most peoples hearts with the snap of a finger.........but I love her too!” Ella declared with a passionate tone of voice.
“Wow, I never knew that stepmothers could be so loving and protective....yet I never had one this nice.  Are you having a good time.........?” he asked then paused because he did not know her name.
“It’s Ella by the way.  I noticed that your father smiled once while we were dancing! Does he ever smile?” She asked questioned, then all of a sudden it was midnight....she had to hurry or he would see all the cloth she was wearing but it wasn’t that bad....................The prince declared finally,
“Wait! Your shoe lovely young lady!” But she was gone before she could even hear him.

More is to be added and updated...and I don't obsess over fairytales!
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Revised Story

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