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 If Motherlode worked IRL

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PostSubject: If Motherlode worked IRL   July 5th 2010, 4:41 am

Everyone has had that discussion with friends and/or family at one time or another of what they would do if they won the lottery.

But what would you spend your money on if motherlode worked in real life? Feel free to add as much explanation to your answers....you know I'm going to :D

The first thing I would do is get rid of all that pesky debt. I don't have credit cards and all that jazz but I do have a rather large student loan, around 75 grand. I'd also settle the debt of all my family members, my husband and his family and a few close friends who have been so good to me that they deserve it.

I'd buy a house, nothing special just something I can say is mine. Fast forward my residency papers which costs a bundle. Biy a few things that will make life that more comfortable for my husband and I, get life insurance which I don't currently have and spend some money on adopting all those hobbies that I haven't been able to because of money constraints.

I'd open my own business, what I don't know. Buy some property prob rental housing that I would rent to young familes for nothing.

I would travel the world, but not just to see the sites but to see old friends who have moved away, and to meet in person those I have met on the internet (My husband and I are actually attending a get together in Edmonton sometime in August with some of his and my old World of Warcraft buddies)

I'd set up scholarships for University students in NZ, fund some underground movie scripts and prob get a nose job (lulz)
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PostSubject: Re: If Motherlode worked IRL   July 8th 2010, 5:01 pm

I'd buy a genie in a bottle and wish the motherlodecode away and make me the only rich person on earth. HALLELUJAH EGOISM!
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PostSubject: Re: If Motherlode worked IRL   July 16th 2010, 2:56 am

I would also use it to pay of student loans. I'm planning on getting a PhD in Psych, and that gets expensive. Afterworlds I have an ambitious goal of opening up an institution for Autism.

I would also probably buy my mother a house, donate a chunk, and invest it. I'm not much of a spender when it comes to money. I should also buy out EA and fill it with competent people.

However if it did work then everyone would have money anyway and inflation would get out of control. xDD
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PostSubject: Re: If Motherlode worked IRL   July 16th 2010, 8:44 pm

Spectacular I want to get a PhD in Psych as well, finishing up my bachelor's degree this year.

I would buy my parents a house as a way to pay them back for all that they have done for me, especially throughout these last few years in college.

I would buy a comfortable size house. None of those giant sprawling mansions with 30+ rooms, I see no need for all of that craziness.

I would visit the countries I haven't seen yet and have long extended vacations in the places I really love. One thing that kind of sucked about travel was we only had a couple days in some places we went and we left so many things unseen and undone. I won't complain too much though as I know I was far more fortunate than most people that never even see the outside of their hometown.

I love going to plays, the opera, concerts and any kind of live artistic show. I would see everyone from the best seats in the house.

My boyfriend and I were drooling over this Yacht hotel thingy we saw. They charge 1 Million a week. So yeah I would take a ride on that thing!... and there's a long list of other things.
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PostSubject: Re: If Motherlode worked IRL   July 18th 2010, 9:40 am

I would definitely help out some family members first. As for a home, agreed I'd want something small but nice... though I am kind of in love with the Biltmore. (Did I spell that right? lol)
I also want to travel. I would have to get a personal trainer so I wouldn't gain a ton of weight since my job does provide me with some exercise. And lastly I have a list of cars... I kinda have a thing for cars. :342:
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PostSubject: Re: If Motherlode worked IRL   August 1st 2010, 1:37 pm

Hmmm, I'd first pay off our debts, and the debts of my parents. I'd buy a nicish house. 5 or 6 bedrooms? Mostly so I can fill it with kids and guests. I'd go back to school and get that Ph.D. in Anthropology. I'd travel a ton - I've never been outside of the country even once. I'd probably ALSO get a personal trainer because I suck at self-motivation when it comes to exercise and I NEED to lose the weight.

I'm sure I can think of more. This is all I can think of off hand.
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PostSubject: Re: If Motherlode worked IRL   September 7th 2010, 6:09 pm

Well i wouldnt work any longer first off hehe pay all my bills off buy a house for each of my kids and it would definatly be 5 ocklock somewhere
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PostSubject: Re: If Motherlode worked IRL   

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If Motherlode worked IRL

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