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 Trying something NEW! Random Picture Thread!

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PostSubject: Trying something NEW! Random Picture Thread!   September 25th 2010, 3:39 am

I think I posted this pic with Brett for download, however it is such a sweet picture I wanted to just post this one. Of course....I then realize that we really didn't have a place for just random pictures. Yes...we have the gallery, but if you want to just post a quick, 'random' picture...then this is where you need to be!

Please, still use the gallery! I do love looking at the different pics scroll by, like I noted...this is just a place for those quick shots.

This is not going to be the 'Creative Photography' section as we already have that in Evie's Corner. So your major, OMG!! pictures go in Evie's Corner and your 'I really want to just share this picture' goes here.

At least we will try it out and see how it goes!

This section is ONLY available for MEMBERS to post, however guest can leave comments!

Rules For Posting Pictures On This Thread

1: NO nudity, you can show Sim bodies but you can't show pubes, nips or other naughty bits and pieces. Tasteful pictures please.

2: Post away! Post as much and as many pictures that you want to, just keep 'each' post to a maximum of no more than 8-10 pictures or less.

3: Please don't over clutter. Give others a chance to post their pictures without them becoming buried because of yours.

4: Since this is just a 'fun' thread it is not necessarily meant for long term pictures. If you want your pictures saved indefinitely then the 'gallery' is your best bet. No where soon will this post be 'de cluttered' just if/when it perhaps gets to over 200 post or even 300. I'm kind of playing this by ear.

5: With the above being noted, keep this in mind...'DO NOT USE THIS AS A PERMANENT PLACE TO PUT YOUR PICTURES'!

6: Once you post your pictures, please don't go through them and self delete, leave that to myself or the Administrative Assistant.

7: PLEASE CHECK YOUR PICTURES SIZES IN 'PREVIEW' BEFORE YOU POST! I don't want to deal with trails of broken threads so NO humongous pictures. Base your photo sizes on the first one you see posted in this thread.

8: No rude or malicious comments on others pictures please. Constructive critique is fine, just being mean and rude will not be allowed nor tolerated.

Lastly...Enjoy posting and viewing pictures!!!

He just makes my belly button smilez!
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Trying something NEW! Random Picture Thread!

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