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 my idea for a simulation game if I could make one (would what be in you're version?)

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PostSubject: my idea for a simulation game if I could make one (would what be in you're version?)   July 2nd 2012, 4:52 pm

If I could make a sim simulation game this is what I would have:


In CAS there would be a butt slider and leg sliders. Oh and tooth design sliders. Oh A foot slider too
There would be of course clothing, but as part of clothing there would be an underclothes section. There would be a pre-teen stage (that I will explain down below)

There would be one very special button..this button allows you have to the D word sims. If you press this button, you get access in-game to ramps,elevators and special kind of stoves, showers and compailty buildings. But if you don’t want the D word sims just don’t click on the button. (this is the only way that you could get D word sims in my version of the game if I could make one), using this would get an additional sliders that allows for hearing loss and which ear. If you had my version of Pets installed and made D word sims, you would get an option in-game to “call for service animal” (it could be a monkey, or a dog). If your sim isn’t disabled, he/she can train a dog to become a service animal.


There would be jobs of course. Journalist would be sent to “the field” to cover stuff. Polictians could actually set up and have sim elections (all the sims would go to vote for their choice), and make real decisions. Law Enforcement go around and keep the crime low? Doctors (think its fine), Military is fine (the only idea I have might not go over well.) Culinary is fine, Scientist (maybe trying to find cures for the diseases–not anything serious in my version of the game). Musicians are fine. Authors could have book signings at the book store.

There would be a bakery, a candy store, a mall, restaurants, of course grocery store (this would have shopping cart where you’re sim can place their food and if they have a small child they can place the child in the front of the shopping cart, but there would also be little toy shopping carts too for toddler children) & book store (yes these would be non-rabitholes but for the restaurant there would be a bit of a rabbit hole, the “kitchen” is the rabbit hole. You could buy out and run them yourself you would be able to set prices, hire employees, there would be little chance cards about problems employees are having and you have to make the right descions).

Movie theatre: get to chose what kind of snack/pop your sim want to eat/drink (or decide just to skip the snack and pop and wait until after the movie to eat).

You can either have hire a event planner (also can be used for b-days), or plan your own wedding. You would chose who would be bridesmaids, ringer bearer, flowergirl, and hire a caterer (I have another idea, that you can be a careteer or a event planner..but I still working on that). (Or if you sim has parents, the sim mom could cook your wedding cake and supper, and sew the wedding dress).

you can chose whether sim moms could breast feed them or just stick with the green glob of milk bottle. (note:sim mom who breast feed their babies are less likely to get diseases). Babies aren’t swaddled up. The have legs, and you can dress them in cute little outfits. Sim moms/dad/grandparents/older siblings can sing to them or rock them in the rocking chair. Yes bath them too.

Toddlers you can chose to still have sim mom breast feed or if your kid is on the bottle move to a sippy cup. Toddlers can steal the other’s cup/bottle. If there are twin or triplets, they have more “connection” with each other.

mostly the same (expect being able to help with gardening and using the microwave and toaster and can use the stove with parents’ supervision). There would be a playhouse and a play kitchen. costumes: dragon, teacher, bride, dancer). and toy cash registers that could even look from a Western movie or from modern time.

can have crushes, but get embarrassed by someone coming in and see them playing with “childish” things, can cook with the stove without supervision, but can only cook very simple things

can get acne, sneak out, cook more fine things

Young Adult:
can go college (you can live at home or live in res, well living in res there would be cooking classes, and other how-to-live-on-your-own classes), and yes in this case YAs at college can become pregnant.


Adults can chose to take a class @ the college

Elders can also take a class @ the college

There would be the option to give up a baby for adoption.

there would be 3 schools

elementary school and children would 1)learn skills there and 2)bring home assignments for specific classes (which you chose on the child aging up to child, from toddler). There would be events like ‘bake sale’ at the school. oh and there would be recesses for children.

middle school, tougher assignments than elementary, but not as tough as high school. and learn skills.

high school more difficult assignments and learn skills
this one idea is for a home ec class/club.

It could work 2 ways:
number 1: girl/boy teen takes home a doll that looks alot like an in-game infant and takes care of it during the week. We can't check the doll's needs since its not a real baby so wouldn't have an icon

number 2: Girl/boy is paired up with opposite sex and they have to figure out how to take care of the baby together (I have other home ec class/club ideas too

week 1 could be cooking

week 2 sewing

week 3 family?

week 4 is the doll simulator

Yes there will be slow dancing and aliens,etc

there would be more servants too:
there are two choices for all but the butler/cook/groom (horse):
live-in gardener or daily gardener
live-in maid or daily maid
the ones that don't get the daily option are:
Butler, cook,groom and chaufeer

What would be in you're version?

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my idea for a simulation game if I could make one (would what be in you're version?)

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